# Changelog

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Currently supported versions are v2.5.13, v2.5.12, v2.5.11 and v2.5.10. Please update App Manager if you are using a version older than these.

Table of Contents

# v2.5.13 (348)

# Bundled App (Split APK)

Bundled app formats such as apks and xapk are now supported. You can install these apps using the regular install buttons. For root and adb users, apps are installed using shell, and for non-root users, the platform default method is used.

Known Limitations:

  • Currently all splits apks are installed. But this behaviour is going to change in the next release. If you only need a few splits instead of all, extract the apks or xapk file, and then, create a new zip file with your desired split apks and replace the zip extension with apks. Now, open it with AM.
  • There is no progress dialog to display the installation progress.

# Direct Install Support

You can now install apk, apks or xapk directly from your favourite browser or file manager. For apps that need updates, a What's New dialog is displayed showing the changes in the new version.

Known Limitations:

  • Downgrade is not yet possible.
  • There is no progress dialog to display the installation progress. If you cannot interact with the current page, wait until the installation is finished.

# Remove All Blocking Rules

In the Settings page, a new option is added which can be used to remove all blocking rules configured within App Manager.

# App Ops

  • App Ops are now generated using a technique similar to AppOpsX. This should decrease the loading time significantly in the App Ops tab.
  • In the App Ops tab, a menu item is added which can be used to list only active app ops without including the default app ops. This preferences is saved in the shared preferences.

Kown Limitations: Often the App Ops tab may not be responsive. If that's the case, restart AM.

# Enhanced ADB Support

ADB shell commands are now executed using a technique similar to AppOpsX (This is the free alternative of Shizuku.). This should dramatically increase the execution time.

Known Limitations: AM can often crash or become not responsive. If that's the case, restart AM.

# Filtering in Main Page

Add an option to filter apps that has at least one activity.

# Apk Backup/Sharing

Apk files are now saved as app name_version.extension instead of package.name.extension.

# Batch Ops

  • Added a foreground service to run batch operations. The result of the operation is displayed in a notification. If an operation has failed for some packages, clicking on the notification will open a dialog box listing the failed packages. There is also a Try Again button on the bottom which can be used to perform the operation again for the failed packages.
  • Replaced Linux kill with force-stop.

# Translations

Added German and Portuguese (Brazilian) translations.

Known Limitations: Not all translations are verified yet.

# App Data Backup

Install app only for the current user at the time of restoring backups. Support for split apks is also added.

Data backup feature is now considered unstable. If you encounter any problem, please report to me without hesitation.

# v2.5.12 (341)

  • [Feature] Added support for splitting data backups into 1GB files to circumvent the limitation of FAT32 file system
  • [Feature] Added the ability to unblock trackers
  • [Feature] Added an option to skip signature checks while restoring backups
  • [Feature] Termux support: run-as debuggable app or run new session as app in the App Info tab
  • [Feature] Display backup app info in the Main page
  • [Feature] Restoring source files (except apk files) disabled on unsupported architecture
  • [Feature] Display confirmation dialog before clearing app data
  • [Feature] Ability to import components disabled using IFW on MAT
  • [Feature] Include external media and obb directory for backups
  • [Feature] Allow importing existing rules by other apps or tools
  • [Feature] Added an option to extract app icon in App Info tab
  • [Fix] Display restore and delete backups only for apps with backup
  • [Fix] Display progress indicator while taking backups
  • [Fix] Display progress indicator while loading app ops
  • [Fix] Fixed app not opening in the latest and the only supported Aurora Droid (v1.0.6)
  • [Fix] Fixed crash on night mode change while browsing App Details page
  • [Fix] Fixed crash when trying to open external apk file
  • [Fix] Fixed NullPointerException when an external data directory is null
  • [Fix] Fixed toolbar in full screen dialog
  • [Fix] Fixed case insensitive searching
  • [Fix] Optimized app theme
  • [Fix] Replaced AndroidShell with LibSuperuser
  • [Fix] Request external storage permission when saving apk files
  • [Fix] Workaround for AppBarLayout bug in Material Design
  • [Fix] Update external apk info on install/uninstall events

To use Termux features, make sure you are using Termux v0.96 or later and allow-external-apps=true is added in ~/.termux/termux.properties.

Data backup feature is still considered experimental and please do not rely on it to manage your backups yet.

# v2.5.11 (333)

  • [Feature] Added experimental support for app data backup. Please test only on apps you don't need. (root only)
  • [Feature] Added sharing split apk files as apks (can be installed via SAI).
  • [Feature] Implemented saving apk files in batch selection mode.
  • [Feature] Added what's new for apk file that needs an update (when opening external apk files).
  • [Feature] Added an option to apply 1-click ops to system apps (disabled by default).
  • [Feature] Added installed app version info in the App Info tab. Clicking the i icon opens the installed App Info tab.
  • [Feature] New on-demand permissions READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE & WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE for app backup support
  • [Feature] Display apps that are uninstalled but have backups in the main page
  • [Feature] Added a disclaimer
  • [Fix] Fixed selections being not cleared after the task is completed in the main page
  • [Fix] Convert various info in the configurations and features tab to text to improve readability
  • [Fix] Fix crash in the Main page while filtering apps by search query
  • [Fix] Fix crash in the App Info tab when existence of external data directory has false-positive result

Note: Backup data are stored at /sdcard/AppManager and apk backups are stored at /sdcard/AppManager/apks. Data backups are currently not working on Android Lollipop.

# v2.5.10 (324)

  • [Feature] Added 1-click operations (as 1-Click Ops in the menu section in the Main page): block (ads and) trackers, component blocking by signatures, app op blocking
  • [Feature] Added support for external apk: You can now open apk files from your file manager. You can view app details, manifest or scan for trackers directly from there
  • [Feature] Added persistent apps filtering option in the Main page
  • [Feature] Alternative manifest viewer for installed apks
  • [Feature] Display number of trackers as a tag in the App Info tab
  • [Feature] Added a select all option in the bottom bar in the Main page in selection mode
  • [Feature] Added links to source code and community
  • [Feature] Added support for installing/updating apk files in the App Info tab (incomplete)
  • [Feature] Added an option to import existing disabled components in the Import/Export settings (incomplete)
  • [Feature] Added split apk information in App Info tab
  • [Feature] Added an option to open Termux in the Main page (incomplete)
  • [Feature] Initial support for app banner
  • [Fix] Fixed inconsistency of enable and disable in the App Info tab
  • [Fix] Fixed issue with persistent app cache
  • [Fix] Fixed scrolling issue on settings page
  • [Fix] Fixed crashes when switching to the components tabs for non-root users
  • [Fix] Fixed crash when trying to view summary while scanning is still in progress in the exodus page
  • [Fix] Fixed crashes on devices that does not support data usage
  • [Fix] Fixed crash when trying to view manifest of an split apk
  • [Fix] Fixed wrong package installer name in the App Info tab
  • [Fix] Fixed changelog formatting for old devices

# v2.5.9 (315)

  • [Feature] Merged App Info as a single tab in App Details
  • [Feature] Added option to reset all app ops
  • [Feature] Added option to revoke all dangerous app ops/permissions
  • [Feature] Highlight trackers in the component tabs
  • [Feature] Added option to save manifest and class dump
  • [Feature] Added the ability to grant/revoke development permissions
  • [Feature] Added sorting options for components, app ops and uses permissions tabs
  • [Feature] Added sort by wifi usage in the App Usage page
  • [Feature] Added launch button in the App Info tab
  • [Feature] Added never ask option to usage status prompt
  • [Feature] Added long click to select apps in the Main page
  • [Feature] Added changelog within the app
  • [Fix] Click to select apps during selection mode
  • [Fix] Improved component blocker
  • [Fix] Improved manifest loading for large apps
  • [Fix] Improved tab loading performance
  • [Fix] Fixed app ops checking and custom app ops for some devices
  • [Fix] Disabled activity opening for disabled activities
  • [Fix] Get real activity name for activities that use activity-alias
  • [Fix] Fixed background colors
  • [Fix] Fixed crashing when loading the services tab for non-root users
  • [Fix] Fixed back button for class viewer which was not working
  • [Fix] Changed block icon's colour to accent colour
  • [Fix] Removed translation until the app is complete
  • [Fix] Made links in the credit section clickable
  • [Fix] Fixed various memory leaks

# v2.5.8 (289)

  • [Feature] Added import/export capabilities for blocking rules
  • [Feature] Added ability to select themes (night/day)
  • [Feature] Added mode, duration, accept time, reject time for app ops
  • [Feature] Highlight running services
  • [Feature] Highlight disabled components not disabled within App Manager
  • [Feature] Added swipe to refresh in the App Usage page
  • [Feature] Added screen time percentage with indicator
  • [Feature] Separate instructions and about pages with fullscreen dialog for both
  • [Feature] Rounded overflow menu (still incomplete)
  • [Fix] Fixed various device/SDK specific app ops issues
  • [Fix] Stability improvements of the entire apps
  • [Fix] Added ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permission to support older operating systems
  • [Fix] Fixed deleting all IFW rules when selecting Global Component Blocking
  • [Fix] Fixed various search issues

# v2.5.7 (265)

  • [Feature] Initial support for ADB over TCP (port 5555) for non-root users
  • [Fix] Fixed importing rules from Watt and Blocker
  • [Fix] Display Aurora Droid in App Info page as a first priority over F-Droid
  • [Fix] Improved performance for component blocking
  • [Fix] Fixed app op mode detection issue

For root users: If you've skipped v2.5.6, you may need to apply all rules globally by applying Global Component Blocking in Settings in order for them to work.

# v2.5.6 (233)

  • [Feature] Batch operations in the main page: clear app data, disable run in background, disable/kill/uninstall apps (click on the app icon to select)
  • [Feature] Full support of Blocker's exported files which was broken due to a bug in Blocker
  • [Feature] Reimplementation of blocking activities, receivers, services and providers
  • [Fix] Removed ConstraintLayout dependency therefore a potential decrease in app size
  • [Fix] Fixed duplicate app usage warning in the App Info page
  • [Fix] Fixed crash when an app icon is not found in App Details page

Note for root users: In order to ensure that the previous blocking rules are preserved with the new blocking implementation, this update reads from the previous rules consequently increasing the loading time in the Main page. This feature will be removed in the next release but can still be simulated by applying global component blocking in Settings.

# v2.5.5 (215)

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